How do I register with Tesco internet access?

After installing the Tesco internet access CD you will see the following icon on your desktop:

Double click this 'Tesco internet access' icon to begin the registration process.

Once the connection software has loaded, as below:

Left click the 'Connect' button to establish a connection to the Tesco internet access registration server.

Once connected your computer will automatically browse to the Tesco internet access registration server. You will then see the following prompt:

Left click on the 'Yes' button in order to close this introduction window, and continue with the registration screen behind.

From the welcome screen you can then select which package you wish to sign up for, or obtain further information by selecting the `help me decide' or `tell me more' buttons: The packages displayed here are for illustration purposes only. For the latest available packages, please visit

As part of the Tesco online registration you will be asked to supply your personal details for the package you have selected.

You will be asked to provide the telephone number.

The CLI you enter must be the telephone number that your computer will be dialling from.

Now you must enter your personal details. Enter your details into the fields provided as shown in the screen below

Once you have typed these details click the 'Continue' button to move on to the next screen.:

If you have a Tesco Club card you can place the details in the box.

Once you have entered your details click the 'Continue' button to move on.

Based on the postcode you supplied in the previous screen, our server will now provide a list of addresses at that postcode as below:

Select your address by click the Drop-down arrow along side the address field. If you address does not appear in the list you can manually type it in the entry box below.

This next screen will show you the Tesco internet access Terms and Conditions:

Once you agree to these Terms and Conditions click the 'I accept' button.

You will now be prompted to enter you payment details.

Tesco internet access accept the following forms of payment

Credit/Debit Card,

Direct Debit

If choosing Direct Debit you will still be asked to provide us with a credit/debit card in order for us to bill you while setting up the Direct Debit instructions with your bank.

Select which form of Credit/Debit card you will be paying by, and then enter the details on the page as below:

Once you have entered your credit card details, you will need to setup a Direct Debit by entering your account details.

Click on the continue button which will take you to the Direct Debit conditions screen. click the `I accept' button to continue the process:

Enter your account details.

Once you have entered this information click the 'Continue' button to select your branch.

The Direct Debit confirmation advice screen will be displayed. Click the Continue button to proceed with the registration process:

The following screen provides you with the chance to choose your email address and password as below:

Enter an email address and password you would like and click the 'Continue' button.

If this email address is available you will see account details, if not you will be returned to the previous screen and asked to enter another email address. Continue this process until you have chosen an email address which is available.

When you see the 'Your Account Details' screen as below:

Click the 'Continue' button to proceed with registration.

Once your account has been processed by the server you will be asked to download a dialler update as below:

This update gives your computer the correct username, password and telephone number to allow you to connect to the internet using your account details.

Click the 'Continue' button to proceed to downloading the update.

You will then see the following option dialogue:

Select the option to 'Open this file from its current location' and click the 'OK' button.

This will update your system settings with the dialler update.

You may receive the following warning dialogue:

This dialogue is to inform you changes are about to be made to your internet connect. These changes must be made in order for you to connect to the Tesco internet access systems.

Click the 'Connect' button to proceed.

Next you are advised that the update has been complete, as below:

Click the 'Ok' button to proceed.

Now you will see a congratulations screen.

You have now complete the Tesco internet access Registration process:

Click 'Quit' to end the registration process.

See the following sections for further help:

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